Affordable 2D and 3D Cloud-Based Dental
X Ray Imaging Software

Moving your dental imaging to the cloud helps you scale your practice, increase HIPPA security, improve diagnostics and operate remotely.

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How Can Apteryx X Ray Software Benefit Your Practice?


By moving your imaging to the cloud you eliminate many frustrating hurdles, lower your security risk and save money.

Apteryx has 2D and 3D radiology solutions for all practice sizes - from solo dentists to small private practice groups and all the way to the largest DSO's and even government and state entities!

We have been developing and providing dental x ray imaging solutions for over 25 years. 

Scale down your IT and server costs with our dental x-ray software and grow your practice.

Apteryx imaging solutions are also 100% Open Architecture- which means that they will work with whatever current dental x-ray machines, equipment or sensors that you currently have and that they integrate with any dental practice management system - so you can switch to Apteryx solutions without buying new x ray equipment or changing your dental office management software!

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 No More Data Storage Limits! We Give You UNLIMITED DATA STORAGE.
  Clients Love our Large Variety of X-Ray Enhancement Tools and Image Filters for Better Diagnostics.
  For our Dental Group Clients the Image Centralization and Ease of Clinical Collaboration is Key.
  Private Practice, Solo Dental Offices and Mobile Dentists Love our Flexibility and AFFORDABILITY.
  Fully HIPPA Compliant and Highly Secure Cloud Imaging Software Gives You PEACE OF MIND.

Watch to Learn More about Apteryx X Ray Imaging and XVWeb

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Which Apteryx Solution is Best for You?

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Classic 2D Cloud Dental Imaging

Cost Efficient, Robust, Secure and Compatible

  • Access your dental images 24/7 from anywhere from any device with internet.
  • Safe and secure for remote work and mobile dentistry. 
  • Centralize your data for easier scaling and acquisition onboarding.
  • Open architecture - works with existing equipment and systems.
  • Cost efficient! Eliminates server upkeep, upgrade and downtime expenses.


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Modern 3D Cloud Dental Imaging

Offering everything included with XVWeb, plus:

  • Advanced Toolset for 3D Diagnostics including: volume rendering, zoom measurements, annotations,  curved slice / pano reconstruction, implant planning and nerve canal tracing.
  • Extensive, easy to access implant library with options to sort and set favorites.
  • Define effects presets based on different hardware manufacturers and image types.
  • In-cloud treatment planning. No downloading of CBCT files for treatment planning – all functions are performed via the cloud.

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