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Apteryx Imaging is a cloud-based 2D/3D dental imaging solution that allows you to store, view, and optimize clinical images for web-based treatment planning that is accessible in real-time anytime, anywhere. Unlike other solutions, Apteryx Imaging offers much more than just remote access - it delivers improved data security, off-site backup/disaster recovery, online image sharing, and scalability that goes beyond what on-premise solutions offer.

Apteryx Overview Video

Learn how Apteryx Imaging can improve daily workflows for your dental practice and improve patient care in this quick 1-minute overview video of the product. In this video you will learn about Apteryx Imaging’s key benefits:  

  • Device agnostic software  
  • Access anytime, anywhere 
  • Reduce IT expenses with enhanced data security 
Client Success Story:          Midtown Dentistry

Discover how Apteryx helped streamline operations and processes for Midtown Dentistry for their 5 locations. From allowing seamless collaboration to reducing server costs while increasing security, Apteryx Imaging enables Midtown Dentistry to: 

  • Cut server costs by storing data in the cloud
  • Practice now has anytime, anyplace access to dental images
  • Enhanced IT security to protect data from natural disasters and cyberattacks
How Dental Practices Can Benefit from Open-Architecture Imaging

Having a device-agnostic imaging software solution might not seem like the most important benefit, but when your practice is looking to acquire another practice using different sensors and different systems, this can make the merge operationally and financially more efficient. In this blog, you will learn about key benefits like:

  • Freedom to choose the right sensor for you
  • Flexibility through acquisitions
  • Time and cost savings
Apteryx Imaging

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